We rely on our ten years of experience, ending up in understanding the fact that we can help patient virtually.

Ask how

Our way up here

How did we get here? That's the path ...
  • 2010Where it all started

    We started the company at 2010 with the vision of helping scientific and medical societies nationally and internationally. Starting to help national people in order to find the best treatments, and to participate in scientific programs nationally and internationally ( eg. conferences, workshops and etc. )
  • 2014The expansion

    We expanded the company nationally to Asma Group of companies, considering 3 major activities, Asma Scientific Tourism, Asma Medical Tourism and Asma Seir Parvaz Tour and Travel Agency.
  • 2017Internationally involved

    We started to think that the maybe it's not only domestic people who need help, we can move further, aid the patients internationally, Dealing with patients from Middle east, and hospitals further in and out of Middle East.